Hi there! I'm Yolanda, a professional translator from Simplified (and Traditional Taiwan) Chinese to English with 6 years of experience.

Legal documents and annual report are my expertise.

Except for those subject to confidentiality, my previous clients include MSM China, China Orient, Niko-Sem, and TIANGEN.

I'll provide you with professional translation and will strict abide by the confidentiality agreement.

Feel free to contact me through email ywangur@gmail.com!

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我尤其擅长 法律翻译年报翻译

因法律翻译通常须尽保密义务,在此只能列举一部分曾合作的客户,包括 MSM 中国中国东方资产管理有限公司尼克森微电子股份有限公司 (台湾地区)以及 天根生物科技有限公司


如需翻译合作,请通过电子邮件联系我,我的邮箱地址是 ywangur@gmail.com

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